A search may be conducted as a condition of entry to premises.

Incidents of crime and disorder will be reported to An Garda Síochána.

Entry to the premises will be refused to any person who appears to be drunk, acting in a threatening manner or is violent. Entry to the premises will be refused to anyone convicted by An Garda Síochána of an offence of drunkenness, violence or threatening behaviour or the use or distribution of illegal substances.

Anyone caught burning toxic materials, creating fires, throwing gas canisters or aerosols onto fires, throwing missiles or taking part in anti social behaviour that endangers other attendees will be evicted from site.

Security staff will be patrolling throughout the event. They are there to help and are also watching for suspicious behaviour. There is also CCTV that is monitored by Security Control.

Please contact event staff or security if you need any assistance.

If you have an incident with a security guard, steward or any other member of our staff that you want to tell us about – please make a note of their tabard number, or the name on their pass. Without this information we can do very little as identifying them becomes very difficult.