Blk Longitude ARTCARDS 1080x10807

The force of blk. is not to be reckoned with. Since joining the reboot agency at the end of 2021 this young aspiring artist has already made groundbreaking achievements such as selling out Belfast’s iconic telegraph building in record timing, selling out a long list of shows across Ireland, Scotland, and the UK ranging from 2-3k capacity booked as a headliner for the both Emerge & Life Festival, set to play to 8000 people on electric picnic’s “Terminus” stage in Q4 of 2022 and is even pushing boundaries with his music with his own platforms amassing a huge 17 million plays across some of his tracks and having his own monthly fan base of 200k+ listeners on Spotify the best is still yet to come.

With previous releases on labels such as, Mainmase, Reboot Records ire and a string of self releases his production value is second to none and 2022/23 is looking huge for this incredible young DJ/producer,

With still a list of huge festivals slots to play coming to the end of the summer of 2022 in Ireland and UK as well as a string of club shows around Europe over the next few months expect to see plenty of support to come from many fans and artists in the electronic community in the near future for blk.