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Venbee is a twenty-one-year-old artist, who recently broke out with her viral hit Low down“, a dark pop song tackling the subject of depression, set to some stripped-back liquid drum & bass. It has quickly become a viral hit dominating 21 Spotify Viral charts including #1 in the UK and #11 on Global. Whilst on Tik Tok it hit #6 in Recommended, #3 UK Top 50 and #8TikTokViral. The song has also been picked up by Sam Smith & Man United Official on their TikTok channels, and was made Radio 1’s Introducing Track Of The Week

Hailing from Chatham, Kent, a place Venbee describes as her home, “the people there are good, but it’s rough around the edges” it keeps her firmly on the ground. She started writing music at the age of 9 and taught herself the guitar and piano after watching her grandad play. By the age of 12, she had already decided she wanted to be a musician. “It’s one of the only things that help me get through the ups and downs of life,’ says Venbee. ‘If I didn’t do music I’d probably be working a dead-end job, only thinking ‘what ifs.’’ She looks to the people close to her for lyrical inspiration, “ Music has always been a way for me to express myself and tell stories, whether they are mine or someone else’s.... That’s why a lot of my songs are about my friends' messy nights out!”

Freestyling and memorising the lyrics alongside rhythm guitar to combat her dyslexia, over lockdown she connected with producer Elias Abid, a Paris-born, LA-based multi-instrumentalist. Working together remotely they created a number of tracks, one of

which became the viral hit “Low down“. Venbee is currently working on new music, so expect more songs to come in the near future. Plus there are plans to release a debut EP later in the year. Venbeesays ‘I am and will always be unapologetically myself. I’m a bit of a nutter. When people listen to my songs, I hope they can relate.

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